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Oxford Tube Wi-Fi Fair Usage Policy

We would like all of our customers to be able to make use of the FREE Wi-Fi available on our Oxford Tube coaches.

This is why we are have implemented a fair usage policy on the Oxford Tube.

Why have we introduced a fair usage policy?

We continually monitor our services and regularly review feedback from our customers.

We have been receiving feedback from customers who cannot fully utilize our Wi-Fi network despite knowing that the Wi-Fi is working with other users successfully browsing at optimal speed. One of the reasons for this is that a small minority of users are downloading large amounts of data (streaming films/TV etc) which takes up a large portion of the available bandwidth, restricting other user's ability to access the Wi-Fi. We recognise that this may not be done intentionally but the effects are that not every customer can make use of the FREE Wi-Fi available.

We are also facing increase an increase in charges from our suppliers at a time when we are looking to freeze our ticket prices on the Oxford Tube. Through the introduction of a fair usage policy we won't have to pass the costs on to our valued customers.

What is our fair usage policy?

We want all of our customers to be able to relax on board and not being able to access the Wi-Fi can add increased stress to our customers.From the 3rd May 2016, we will be limiting the amount of data a device can  use to 100MB for both uploading and downloading data. This limit is something that is reset at 12 noon and 12 midnight each day, which means that most people completing a return trip will have the ability to use this maximum amount of data in both directions.

100MB of data is the average that our customers are currently using, so we hope that the majority of our customers will not be inconvenienced or even notice this change and more customers can benefit and access the Wi-Fi when they want to.

If you would like to provide feedback please email and put Wi-Fi feedback in the subject line.