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Code of Practice

Oxford Tube welcomes customer comments and suggestions because it helps us to improve our services and put things right when they have gone wrong.

We want people to contact us rather than just stop using our services.

We will handle complaints with tact and consideration and never take them personally.

We know that customers want to be taken seriously more than anything else.

When we have failed, we will offer a sincere, speedy apology and a genuine commitment to avoid a repetition.

The Code

  1. Responsibility for ensuring we handle suggestions and complaints, according to this code, lies with the Operations Director.
  2. We commit to giving information on how to contact us with suggestions and complaints in a standard form; on our website, on a notice on the bus and information leaflets.
  3. We commit to specifically briefing and training all our staff on the Code of Practice and our procedures.
  4. All suggestions and complaints, whether made in writing (including by email), in person or by telephone will be investigated and dealt with.
  5. We will provide a response as quickly as possible and always within one week, even if this is initially to explain what investigation needs to take place and how long this will take.
  6. When comments or complaints are about matters outside our control, we will forward them on to the relevant organisation and explain that we have done this.
  7. The Bus Passengers Platform, part of the statutory body, Passengers View Scotland in Scotland and the Bus Appeals Body (BAB), a non-statutory committee in England and Wales offer an independent review of complaints arising from the operation of local bus and scheduled coach services.  If anyone is not satisfied with our response, we will always pass on contact details of these organisations and we will make their contact details available; on our website, on notices on all buses and information leaflets.


Bus Passengers Platform and Bus Appeals Body

All suggestions and complaints should first be directed to the Oxford Tube, through our contact us page.  If you are unhappy with our response you may contact the independent review body detailed below.

The Bus Appeals Body in England and Wales is a non statutory committee offering an independent review of complaints arising from the operation of local bus and scheduled coach services in England and Wales.

In England contact,

Bus Users UK
Victoria Charity Centre
11 Belgrave Road