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Save with a 12 ticket bundle

Buy a 12 journey ticket on the Oxford Tube App or online

Share with friends and travel together all on one ticket or use one trip at a time - it's still only £8.33 per journey!


What is a Tube 12 ticket? 

• The Tube 12 entitles you to 12 single trips or 6 returns on the Oxford Tube to use within a year. That’s 365 days to make 6 visits to London!

• The ticket can be used by individuals or can allow for multiple people to travel on one ticket

• Ideal for group days out or for passengers who travel frequently throughout the year


Buy your tickets:

• Online

• On the Oxford Tube mobile tickets app


*Available with a Tube 12 ticket. An adult Tube 12 ticket is £100. Tube 12 tickets can be used by more than 1 person on any journey. For each person travelling 1 trip will be cancelled. All trips need to be taken within 12 months.

Student, young person (16-26 years) or over 60?

• Buy your Tube 12 ticket for only £90 online or on the Oxford Tube mobile ticket app and each journey equates to just £7.50!

• Download the app for free from Google Play or the App store.


*Students of any age must show valid NUS ISIC or official university ID with a valid expiry date. Young people may be required to show photo ID.

*Contactless cards cannot be used for transactions over £52 on the coach. Please ensure you have cash or consider an alternative purchase method.