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Oxford Bus Station: Where Does The Oxford Tube Stop In Oxford?

Need to find out which Oxford bus station the Oxford Tube stops at? You can find out right here using the map below.

Use our interactive map by clicking a location at the side. From this, you will be able to see where the bus will arrive, whether you’re travelling into Oxford or towards London.

Blue circles on the map represent coaches that are coming in from London.

Red circles on the map represent coaches that are travelling directly to London.



Tube Stops in Oxford

Map of Tube Stops

Wheelchair Accessibility - St Clement's inbound stop

Please note that the coach ramp on the new coaches is incompatible with the width of the pavement at the St Clement's bus stop towards Oxford. As a result, this stop is not suitable for wheelchair users.

The alternative options are:

  • Alight at an alternative stop (Brookes or High Street) -you can change onto a service 8 or 9 to get to St Clement's.
  • Inform the driver when your board in London that you wish to alight at St Clement's outbound. The driver will then allow you to stay on the coach until it reaches the oppositeside of the road on the London bound journey where the ramp can then be used.
  • Travel to Gloucester Green and a member of staff will arrange on ward travel on your behalf to take you back to St Clement's.

Additional Information –

There are also stops near Lewknor, close to Junction 6 M40.

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