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Most popular questions

Can I pay by cash?

Yes, you can pay on the coach with cash, contactless or a debit or credit card. We're happy for you to use all major debit and credit card providers, like Visa, MasterCard with the exception of American Express

What is the contactless limit?

Our contactless limit is £57 (the price of a group return and the highest value ticket you can purchase from the driver)

Can I pay part cash, part contactless?

Unfortunately you can't use a mix of cash and contactless. We wish we had that technology, but it isn't available yet. It would also slow down the whole boarding process. No one wants that!

Can I purchase my tickets in another currency other than sterling?

No, sorry we can only accept UK sterling. We do however accept contactless payment on board

Can I pay by Google or Apple Pay?

Yes, if you have either payment method set up on your device

But don't worry, you can always enter your card details or use PayPal on our app or contactless card as a fuss-free payment method on the coach

How do I pay online?

Single and return ticket can be bought on the Oxford Tube app

For 7 day, 28 day and annual passes it's really easy to pay online with Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cards

You can also pay using PayPal. On the app, you can pay with Apple or Google Pay too. I’m afraid we do not accept American Express

I’ve had problems with payment, what should I do?

We're sorry you're having trouble paying. Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to help here

Can I cancel, change and/or get a refund on a mobile ticket?

If you haven't activated your mobile ticket, you can cancel it before it expires

Usually, we'll refund these tickets in full with no extra charges

Can I cancel, change and/or get a refund on a ticket purchased online?

Unfortunately, you can't change your ticket but you can cancel it if it hasn’t been activated. After cancelling it, you can request a refund and buy a new one

If you haven't activated your ticket, we'll send you a full refund. If you've already used part of it, we'll send you the remaining value after taking a £15 early cancellation charge

To cancel your coach ticket online:

1. Log in to your account 

2. Go to ‘My tickets’ 

3. Select ‘Show details’

4. Choose the ticket you want to cancel and select ‘Cancel online’ 

To also cancel your ticket you can email [email protected] or fill out our Refund request form