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Most popular questions

What facilities do your coaches offer?

We’re pretty proud of our coaches; comfort and quality!

On each coach we have:

77 reclining seats with footrests and good legroom
At-seat wireless charging and USB ports
Reading lights
3 point seat belts
Air conditioning
Toilet & washroom facilities
Dedicated space for a wheelchair
Low floor, step free entrance
Free 4G Wi-Fi internet access 

What is your luggage policy?

In the interests of the safety and comfort of all of our customers, we restrict the size, type and quantity of luggage or other belongings which you can bring onto our coaches and reserve the right to refuse permission for you to bring any item on board

Smaller bags and cases can be stored in the overhead luggage space or interior luggage racks. Larger bags and suitcases up to a maximum weight limit of 20kg should be presented to the driver for storage in the exterior luggage hold

Bikes will be stored in designated bike racks  - please see question “Can I take my bike or ebike?”

Only the driver may store or remove luggage from the lockers or trailer, but it is your responsibility to see your luggage put on and taken off a coach

Except for any luggage stored in the hold of a coach, you must also look after your luggage at all times, including at any station and your hand luggage whilst on a coach

You remain responsible for any items you bring. You may not be allowed to travel if, for example, the available space for carriage of luggage is already full or, if, in the opinion of the driver, your luggage or belongings will block gangways and access to emergency exits on the bus

We reserve the right to request that you open any article of luggage for inspection by the driver or other company officer in your presence if, for reasons of security, it is considered necessary to do so

Fragile items such as electronic goods, portable televisions, computers, radios etc will only be carried if they are of reasonable size and securely packed. We will not be responsible for damage to such items however caused

Paint may only be carried in original and properly sealed containers of 5 litres or less

Certain items cannot be carried under any circumstances in the interests of safety. These include accumulators, explosives, ammunition, weapons and combustible or otherwise hazardous materials including petrol

Does Oxford Tube offer insurance?

Insurance is purchased by the company in accordance with our legal responsibility. All legal liabilities to third parties, to include damage to property and personal injury, are covered

There is no insurance cover provided for loss, damage or injury where the bus company has not been negligent. Personal travel insurance would provide passengers with such cover

Our liability for luggage is limited to £100 per passenger and you are advised to ensure that you have proper insurance if your luggage is worth more than this

Can I take my bike or ebike?

Yes, up to 2 pushbikes can be carried on each coach. ebikes are not permitted

The designated racks allow for up to two standard cycles that do not exceed the dimensions below to be carried at any one time

Length: 1675mm
Height: 979mm
Width: 700mm

Passengers are advised that bicycles or bicycles with baskets that exceed the above dimensions will not fit in the racks due to restricted space

If the coach/storage area is full then all customers, including those with a bike, must wait for the next coach

Folding bikes can be stored in the external luggage compartment at the rear of the coach

Can I take my escooter?

No, due to safety concerns, escooters are not allowed on our coaches (either on board or in the luggage hold)

Can I take my pet?

We understand that sometimes your pet needs to travel with you. Pets, such as a dog or cat, can usually travel with you on our coaches. However, it's at the driver's discretion, the driver will consider things like if there is already another pet on the bus when making their decision

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are of course allowed at all times. Check out our Conditions of carriage policy for all the details

Can I take hot food on board?

In order to maintain a good level of comfort and positive experience for all of our passengers, hot/smelly food is not permitted onboard (even when packaged)

The driver will request that any food is placed in the external luggage locker or disposed of before boarding